Team MAKE's Cara Grant : Local Artist Interview

July 28, 2016 0 Comments

Having been invited to the Dew Tour event, everyone at MAKE Collectives was excited to put together an amazing window display to tell the community in Long Beach about the event. We're lucky enough to have Cara because she specializes in creating designs on surfboards and skateboards. There was nothing more perfect than her to work on this special project. Before heading out to the store to check out her installation, let's learn a little more about her. 
M.C : What do you do aside from creating?
C.G : I am a full time Fashion Merchandising student and I help out with visuals and design for Make Collectives.
M.C : How did you start creating?
C.G : Ever since I was little my favorite thing to do was anything arts and crafts related.  I took art and ceramics classes in high school and instantly fell in love with creating new pieces on different mediums.
M.C :  Where do you get inspiration from?
C.G : One of my main inspos would be Australian surfer Felicity Palmateer, since i was young she was one of my top role models in the art world for her technique and care free style.
M.C : How did you come up with this installation for the window display?
C. G: My boss, Kat, gave me the basics of what she desired and I immediately had this relaxed and minimal vision on what it was going to be.
M.C :  I see you primarily use skateboards and surfboards, do you actually know how to ride any of them?
C.G : I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California.  Being around both surfing and skating all the time, it was kind of natural that i learned both, and having two older brothers maybe have helped a bit haha. 
M.C : What projects are you currently working on?
C.G : I am currently working on a commissioned piece and designing a tote bag for Make collectives!
M.C: Are you a fan of the Dew Tour event?
C.G : I am a fan of surfing and skating in general, so getting the opportunity to create a display for this event was definitely a fun challenge!
M.C : How did you get involved with Make Collectives?
C.G: I was an avid follower of their Instagram and saw they were looking for an intern, I was chosen and the rest was history.  
M.C : How can people contact you?
C.G : You can find me primarily on Instagram @caragrant_ or by my email! Xx