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Friendship Bracelet Bead Bar


Create personalized friendship bead bracelets and/or accessories in store at our Friendship Bracelet Bead Bar or create your own Bracelet Bead Bar experience at your own private event.

For your team, family or beloved group of friends or community, we are happy to provide you with a fun inspiring experience for all to enjoy. Each private event is thoughtfully curated and coordinated to meet your goals for a creative and inspiring experience. We provide all materials and assist each maker to MAKE and CREATE at their own pace.


Bracelet Bead Bar workshop or private event IN STORE or outdoors in an outdoor patio just outside the MAKE Collectives retail store in Long Beach, CA.

For an additional fee, a Bracelet Bead Bar can be hosted for private events OFFSITE, such as special events, fairs, markets, carnivals, team building or corporate bonding exercise, birthdays or special events, youth (17 years old and younger) parties


Additional tables, chairs, food and/or drink, or your specific decor aesthetic can all be coordinated. Please specify your theme in your request and we will work with you to MAKE it happen and bring your vision to life.

CALL OR TEXT to set up a phone call or appointment in our Long Beach retail store : 562-335-0782