Swag Swap Success

January 13, 2017 0 Comments

Happy Friday!!

We just want to thank everyone who participated in Swag Swap 2017 last Saturday!  It was a success and the best way to kick off the new year! 

We also want to give a big thanks to InHerShoes for collaborating with us! InHerShoes promotes freedom for girls and women to live lives full of exploration, empowerment, and possibility.  We were so happy to help spread their message and be part of their journey to create a community of courageous and strong females who work together to help those in their society or beyond their society!

At the event, people brought clothes to exchange for tickets.  Then they were able to exchange them for more clothes and a new mindset! The left over clothing was donated to the Downtown Women’s Shelter.  And the proceeds from tickets, went towards scholarships that will allow girls in high school to attend their annual Catalyze Courage Summits. At the summit girls have the opportunity to pitch their own unique answer about what they would do if they were 1% more courageous.  You were all catalysts of courage! 



We have many upcoming events and workshops planned for this year. Our next one, "Mystical" Watercolor and Wine, will be happening on January 20th.  Learn the breathtaking art of water color painting from local artist herself, @jessweymouth_

You can sign up here. 
Hope to see you there!!! 



Written by Bree Castillo