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Meet the Maker : Natali Mour

February 10, 2017 0 Comments

Happy Friday, everyone!

If you didn’t know already we have a wonderful workshop planned for tomorrow!! Join us for our Be My Valentine Watercolor Workshop taught by the talented Natali Mour! Natali is a local artist that oozes creativity and incorporates it in everything she does.  She is an advocate of art with a purpose and is inspired by the wonders of nature.  We wanted to see what makes her tic as an artist and what truly lights a fire within her.  Luckily, we had the lovely opportunity to ask her a few questions about her passion! Keep reading to find out!

You can sign up for our Be My Valentine Workshop, HERE! 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Natali Pineda, and I am a 27 year old artist.  For as long as I can remember, I knew I was going to be an artist.  According to my dad, he would always see me working on something related to art.  I was born in California, USA, but at the age of 5, I moved to Santiago, Chile and lived there till I graduated high school in 2007.  After High school, I decided to move back to California to pursue my career as an Artist.  During those years, I accomplished many things, like one of my pieces going to Japan, working on commission, and also having my work displayed many times at important events. After I graduated, I decided to create my own company called Natali Mour.  Since 2014 I’ve been working very hard to make it a successful business.

Tell us about your art.  How did you get started? When did you know that water color painting was one of your passions?  
My art has to do a lot with the beauty of flora and fauna.  My story with watercolor did not start off that well.  I remember being super exited about my watercolor class (this was in 2009) at the beginning, but as time passed I realize that watercolor was not as easy as it looked! I remember having such a hard time making my paintings look like “watercolor” and not like an acrylic painting, so after I got the credit on that class I never thought about watercolor again. I simply thought that watercolor wasn't for me.  Now that I think about it, I simply wasn't ready for it at that time… and you will see why.

It wasn't until 2015, when I lost my grandfather, that watercolor was somehow introduced to my life again.  I remember one day being very sad about the whole thing and while doing some spring cleaning, I saw the first painting I ever sold.  A flower painting I sold to my grandfather. Yes! he was my first customer! He gave it back to me because he wanted me to fix an area.  Sadly, I kept it too long and I never had the chance to fix it for him.  However, it all kinda makes sense now, because if it wasn't because of that sad day, and that painting, I wouldn't be doing watercolor today.  That same day I saw my box of paints, where I had acrylic tubes, oil tubes, and ….the watercolor tubes… I remember looking at them and I just had a need to paint again.  So I took the my watercolor paint tubes, set up a paper (that was not even for watercolor)… and like out of nowhere, I stated to paint like I always knew the medium. Somehow it all made sense. That day changed my life and that is when I started to paint with watercolor again, after 6 years!  I truly made it my passion after that happened, because it really helped me.  It was almost like therapy and I saw the power of Art.  I felt the urge to teach this to other people and that is when my watercolor classes stated!

Here is the picture of the first painting I did after 6 years.

What are some of your other creative passions?
I would say that I am an artist with many passions.  Making jewelry, playing guitar, and writing poems are some of them.  I am always trying out new mediums, and I get very exited when I see something that I haven't tried.

What things are you inspired by today?  What projects are you working on right now?  How long do they usually take?
Nature is for sure one of by biggest inspirations.  You kinda see it through my watercolor work in the form of a landscape, flora or fauna. Nature is so meticulous and fun to paint and I have found great peace while painting.  My project these days are to continue offering watercolor classes for people with or without experience.  I am also working on a new jewelry collection line that will soon be launched which is very exciting for me.  I hope I have everything ready by the beginning of March 2017.

What do you love most about water color painting? What is the hardest aspect?
What I love the most about watercolor are the layers. Watercolor is a very interesting medium to work on, it is all about the perfect mix between pigment and water, and also what color layer to paint first.  In that sense it really makes you focus and enjoy the process of making art.  The hardest aspect would be to know when to stop. I see it a lot with my students when they keep adding color, when in fact less is more in watercolor. 

What are your goals for your art?
My primary goal with my art is to get a reaction.  When I see a reaction from people I think that I have accomplished something amazing without even talking. I am a big advocate of art with a purpose as well.  I found great pleasure when going to museums and knowing the purpose of the paintings and their meaning. that’s why I always try to make art that has a meaning either for me or for others.

Do you have a favorite piece you have made?
This is kinda a difficult question to answer, because I put a lot of time and thought in each piece I make.  Each piece I do, represents an important stage in my life.  It is almost like an autobiographical timeline of events made into art.

Tell us about the Be My Valentine Watercolor Workshop?  What will you be teaching?
This workshop is a Watercolor Floral Study.  We will cover the principles of watercolor, techniques, color theory, and brush integrity.  Students will learn how to manipulate the medium in a fun and dynamic way.  We will also learn composition and what elements to add to make a balanced painting or greeting card.

Advice or tips for how to be creative?
I would say that never abandon your curiosity of life.  Life is full of fun and interesting things.  Always push yourself to learn something new, visit museums, read a book, and always be informed of what is happening in the world.  You never know when inspiration comes and makes you create your best work!

I would like to invite everybody out to our Be My Valentine Watercolor Workshop to have some fun and to learn a great medium at the same time.  If you would like to contact me or see what I am up to you can always find me on Instagram as @natali.mour or at Facebook at Natali Mour Jewelry Design, or just on my website

You can sign up for tomorrow's Be My Valentine Watercolor Workshop, HERE. 
Creativity is contagious so bring a friend! Have a wonderful time learning a new creative medium for two for $70. 
Check out her last workshop with us, HERE. 
Hope to see you there. 



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