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Meet the Maker: Jessica Weymouth

January 18, 2017 0 Comments

Happy Wednesday!
As you all know our next workshop, Watercolor and Wine, is this Friday and is being taught by the lovely Jessica Weymouth!  Jessica Weymouth is a local artist who incorporates celestial spaces and lunar cycles in to her watercolor paintings.  But she is more than an artist, she strives to empower women to chase their callings and pursue their passions.

We wanted to know more about the inspiring and creative mind who is behind all of the mystical and 'out if this world' paintings! We were lucky enough to interview Jess and see who she truly is, not only an artist but as a beautiful being, so keep on reading!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Jessica Weymouth, I am a 25 year old Long Beach resident with a deep love for watercolor and the natural world. More than just an artist, I want to be a female who empowers -through example- other women to chase their calling, and pursue their passions. I have a keen heart for nature, the cosmos, the wonderfully vast sea and all the beautiful creatures that inhabit it- and I love putting these elements into new light and allowing them to be seen from my perspective. My biggest hope is to bring awareness to the beauty and conservation of our natural resources, as well as simply bring joy and inspiration to those who experience my work!

Tell us about your art.  How did you get started? When did you know that water color painting was one of your passions?
I've always been a creatively driven lady, meandering from medium to medium ranging from embroidery to chalk art to finally landing on watercolor a few years back and falling madly in love with all of the intricacies. Watercolor is a very forgiving but independent medium, there is a distinct femininity and strength in how watercolor moves - I knew right away that this would be a divine and fulfilling relationship - however, I never expected watercolor to bring me to such a wonderful place with my business, where I have finally put my day-job on hold and am currently pursuing my artwork full-time alongside my BS in Environmental Science.

What things are you inspired by today?  What projects are you working on right now?  
As much of my work speaks for itself, I am very inspired and driven by the forces of our planet, the solar system, and the nature that surrounds us. If I am not knee deep in the ocean looking for inspiration for a next piece, I am delving into a publication about Earth's Vortexes, the healing energies of native crystals, Astrological findings, etc - I am constantly working towards making my work as research involved as possible, incorporating my love for science with my love for telling stories through art. I just finished illustrating and putting together a 2017 Many Moons calendar as well as a Watercolor “Coloring” book which were both really fulfilling and growing projects! I am currently in the midst of a winter break from school so I am soaking up as much inspiration and painting time as I possible can!

What do you love most about watercolor painting? What is the hardest aspect?
I love that watercolor often has a mind of its own, you can start out with one vision and quickly as the paint mixes with its water counterpart and moves gently around the paper you realize that your intentional idea has become something more than you envisioned. I love the surprise element of the wet-on-wet technique (something the students will learn in the workshop) and I love the depth that shines through when you add layer upon layer of salt and pigment and magic.

What are your goals for your art?  Plans for 2017?
Ah! That’s a tough one. I usually like to leave that up to the stars! I can only hope that my art will continue to grow me, grow in depth, and that my authenticity through that growth will grow my business as a result. I would love to continue collaborating with big and little brands alike, creating commissions for folks to give to those they love, teaching workshops and empowering others to seek out their own creative calling, and continue being a positive presence in the lives of those around me and those who follow my work.

Tell us about the workshop, Wine and Watercolor?  What will you be teaching?
The students will get to familiarize themselves with the medium and all of the proper materials and products to create a quality piece of work! We will touch on paper types and the difference in student grade vs artist grade products and paper, we will talk about the various forms that watercolor comes in as well as seeking to figure out what forms work best for each individual. Our goal of this workshop will be for each person to create something mystical and magical that they are so excited about they can’t wait to take home and hang up or give as a gift to someone they love.

Advice or tips for how to be creative?
A way that I encourage myself to continue seeking out my creative spirit is by setting goals for myself and rewarding myself when I meet those goals. I also make sure I set aside time for my creative process, which doesn’t only include actual paint time but research on the subject I am working on whether it be a particular species of whale, a rare gem and its healing properties, or actually getting outside and stepping into the ocean to search for shells or watch the rhythm of life in the tide pools to keep myself inspired by Mother Nature and her elements. I have found that I have to allow room for those moments in order to keep my work inspiring and true.

Are you inspired yet? Because we are!
So Long Beach friends, come join us for WATERCOLOR & WINE, this Friday, JANUARY 20th at the Renaissance Hotel from 6-8pm. 

You can get sign up here.
Also see more of Jessica’s art on her Instagram.

Hope to see you, Friday!





Written by Bree Castillo


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