The Future is Female :: Joanne Encarnacion @gofitjo

December 23, 2016 0 Comments

"Every little challenge is a moment to create your life worth living, to find that beauty from within, and project it out to the universe and world." - @gofitjo  

Wise words from my friend Joanne Encarnacion, a powerhouse woman, wife and mom who inspires others through her Fitness and Lifestyle blog. She shares her journey of balancing her career as a blogger, content and visual creator, being a wife and mother, and maintaining a healthy, fit and active lifestyle. 

She is a force of her own and what I love is that she is authentic, every step of the way. She recently stopped by the shop and when I spoke to her via Facetime (I was in the East Coast) she gave me a piece of advice. Be relentless to myself, my selfcare and self love, the way I am relentless to my business. And the message stuck. We need more woman like Joanne in our lives who are brave and speak their truths, do the inner work on themselves so they can do great things and empower others to do the same. But we have to start somewhere. Sometimes it starts with a calling or inkling. And we owe it to ourselves to take a step and be curious. Do small things and those will lead to bigger things. Opportunities present themselves only if they are allowed to. So my friends, dont wait until things are perfect, look perfect, until it "feels" right. Stop playing it safe. Just start so the progress can come. As we conclude the year, if you're like me and ready to say goodbye to 2016, I'm going to start by doing a year end review of what worked and didn't work and what I want to happen in 2017. If anyone wants to join me in some accountability to do these lists too, email me at! Let's do this!

A limited run of #TheFutureisFemale tee is available in store and online and for the littles (12 mo - 8T). Grab yours in time for the holiday (hurry it goes quick) and spread the message. And most importantly speak your truths, big or small. 
So much love and happy holidays to all!