Dew Tour Sets the Vibe in Long Beach

July 26, 2016 0 Comments

The ultimate action sports competition, Dew Tour, took over Long Beach for three days this past weekend. Over the time span between July 22 – 24th, there were 45 of the world’s best skateboarders present at this event.
Dew Tour doesn’t just feature skaters, but they also bring snowboarders, skiers and artists interact with the fans. An open event full of competitions, skaters, music, drinks, food, etc… If you were in Long Beach, then this was the spot to be during the weekend. Although this event is sport oriented, the ultimate goal they believe in is - 
“uplifting our community, self-expression, and exploring the world around us through the cultureof action sports.”
Team Make was cordially invited to the Dew Tour event as part of the Media and for coverage,we were more than happy to take a look at Day 2. The second day of the competition focused primarily on the individual pro contest. With 18 of the best skaters in the world present, they had to compete in four different courses: Tech, Bowl, Rail, and then the top 6 went up to the Gap section.
Covering Dew Tour was definitely an experience. Something completely different from MAKE Collectives, but exciting. I had done a little bit of research before heading out to the event, but nothing compares to being a skate junkie. Having credentials led me to the VIP section where I was able to mingle with the actual skateboarders who were competing. There came a point where I spoke to Ryan Sheckler, the winner of the Pro Competiton, but had no idea who he was! Super rad and down to Earth guy. He made it out in the Gap section alongside Louis Lopez, Sean Malto, Ryan Decenzo, Carlos Ribeiro, and Cody McEntire, but his backside flip on the bump won the crowd.
Dew Tour is not just about the competitors and the competition, it’s also about bringing the community together in a really fun experience. Located within the venue ground, there was a skate park open for the public. This opportunity brought the crowd to a whole new level. Walking through the entrance, you would see lines and lines of men and women coming in with their boards. Community and interaction is definitely what made Dew Tour a one of a kind event.