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Meet Meredith Wilson, owner of LB Love Organics. It's safe to say it was really a happy accident for Meredith when she started her company. This stay-at-home mom wanted to find a way to treat her two older sons with eczema without using chemicals or steroids and what better way is to source organic oils and butters to create something for her kids. It eventually became a hit with friends and family.
Find out more how Meredith balances motherhood, owning a small business and why she's a closet hippie.

Tell us a little bit about LB Love Organics
I use all organic oils and butters, I source by beeswax from a local beekeeper, I infuse oils myself with organic flowers, and i use essential oils (many of them organic) to scent my products; never artificial flavorings, parabens, flavor oils, or icky stuff like that..

How did you first get into making your amazing salves, balms and scrubs?
Well, it started by happenstance, really. I'm a teacher by trade, and currently dedicating myself to being a mama and a foster mama. But my two older sons have mild eczema, and three or four years ago I wanted to find a way to treat their skin without using chemicals or steroids. Plus I'm a closet hippie and I dislike going to the doctor for things I think I may be able to treat myself (which can be a problem, but that's a story for another interview). A friend told me about something called hard lotion, and so I set out to make it myself. I combined shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax in the right amounts, rubbed it on my kids and HOORAY it healed the eczema flare ups and they could actually use it on themselves! I made some for a few friends whose kids had similar issues, and after a while an acquaintance asked "Do you sell your hard lotion?' So I answered "Uhhhh, Yes! Yes I do."  And so the business began.

How do you balance motherhood and running a small business?
Bahahahahahahahaha!!!! (wipes tears of laughter)

Honestly I'm not sure I do balance it. It's a constant teeter totter. But my overarching goal is to be present in the moment: whether it's pouring lotion, making a meal, playing with the kids, doing homework, formulating a new product, and so on. But it can be a challenge to give myself permission to do that. 

What is your favorite thing about owning a small business?
Creating products that nurture and improve skin. Hands down. I love that the work of my hands- something that I have made out of love (and often necessity)- is put into the world and *hopefully*  improves another's life in some way. Skin problems can be very troubling, and I love hearing feedback from customers on how one of my products has helped them.

What does an ideal work day look like for you?
Get the big boys to school, put the baby down for a looooooooong nap, and then begin creating. If I can have 2 hours of uninterrupted daylight to work I feel like Julie Andrews singing on top of a mountain. 

Where do you source your inspiration for products?
Most of the time, I make a new product because I need it at home or a friend makes a request. For example, when we were placed with a newborn foster baby, I wanted some way to give him a baby massage with essential oils, but I didn't want to make a big mess every time. So I created my calming massage stick. Or a friend was enjoying my lip balm, but asked if I could make a lip scrub for her flaky winter dry lips. Now the lip scrub is one of my favorite products!

Coffee, tea or neither?
Hmmm, Both. Coffee is a necessity to get things done: no frills, just the caffeine, please. But tea is such a beautiful ritual, and I have a cup every night after I put the kids to bed. It's so calming and soothing. 

When you aren't working, where can we find you and what will you be doing?
In the front yard, playing with the kids. Or maybe doing laundry. Or the dishes. Or picking up Legos. 

You're a Long Beach local! Give us some of your favorite places to check out on a day off.
During the summer you will for sure find me and the kids at the bay on the Peninsula.  It's great for Littles! If you're hungry, check out Deli News Pizza. Super cheap, family run, and their filled center cookies are RIDICULOUS. Cash only though; be prepared.

What's next for LB Love Organics?
It's going to be a busy holiday season- I have seven shows I am participating in over the next two months! And I'm working to expand my lip balm and baby care items, so be on the lookout!
Special thanks to
Meredith Wilson
Photography by: Rosalie Andrea
Interview by: Madelaine Turner
Recap by: Cindy Mam


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