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Pyrite Worry Crystal Stone

Iron pyrite, fools gold, with gold flecks and shiny golden luster worry stone. A smooth stone that is shaped like an oval and has a thumb-shaped indentation. The object of pyrite worry stone is to rub the thumbprint back and forth as a way to calm the mind and find a sense of peace when taking a moment to touch the worry stone and let your worries go.

You can also assign your pyrite worry stone a specific intention to spark major magic, success in business, aid in establishing prosperity, bring good fortune, and strengthen willpower.

Cleansed with Sage, Himalayan sea salt, and Lunar charged. All stones will very in size and appearance. 

Pyrite Healing Properties:

  • chakra : solar plexus 
  • a crystal of super charge creativity and get shit done productivity
  • powerhouse of confidence, action and abundance
  • keep a cluster close for dream collaborations, creative inspirations and lucky breaks, and watch that manifestation of unstoppable abundance.
  • lights a fire in your belly to burn through procrastination and self doubt, giving you courage to share your gifts with the world
  • boost self esteem, confidence and creative inspiration


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