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Calcite (Pink Zebra) Crystal Gemstone Stone

Handmade Locally Crystal Gemstone Stretch Bracelet. Tap into your higher self and wear this ritual bracelet as a powerful reminder of purpose and healing.

  • Stone: Aventurine
  • Bead Size: Approx. 4-8mm
  • Fits most wrist sizes. 
  • Color and Size of stones may vary

Green Aventurine. Known as the gambler’s stone because it is the luckiest of all stones in games of chance. Wear on you to bring good fortune and money. It Increases love, supports prosperity and abundance, facilitates healing, introduces new friendship. All stones will very in size and appearance. 

Healing Properties:

  • chakra : heart
  • Calms free-floating anxiety, panic attacks and irregular heart rhythms. 

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