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Banded or Chevron Amethyst Crystal Stone

Chevron amethyst is banded amethyst with purple-and-white lines forming angular patterns. Cleansed with Sage, Himalayan sea salt, and Lunar charged. All stones will very in size and appearance. 

Affirmation: I use the experiences from the lessons I have learned to improve myself. I have earned my stripes. I strive to earn more bands of honor and knowledge as I continue this journey. I see with higher perspective because of the benefits of hindsight.

Spiritual use: With its ability to help you develop your intuition and prophetic dreaming, this stone can be used to guide you through the dream world to enable you to use your dreams to help you on your spiritual path.

Mental use: The pointed bands direct your energy toward whatever you need to focus on.

Emotional use: With its bands and swirls, it can help you unravel the source of unresolved feelings and emotions.

Physical uses: Use this banded variety of amethyst with the intention to put an end to unhealthy patterns and habits such as smoking, drinking too much, using drugs, and overeating.


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