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4” Juniper Smudge Stick

4” JUNIPER SMUDGE STICK, for cleanse and purification. The Holy & Sacred Herb is known for its healing powers. 

Ethically sourced.

Bring Positive Energy into your life or burn for intentional protection and purification and attract good vibes of New Opportunities and Abundance, Transformation, Renewal, and New Beginnings into your world.

Juniper has a sweet and spicy "Christmas tree" fragrance and abundant blue berries. Like Cedar, Juniper is probably one of the most ancient plants. Juniper berries are popular in good luck charms, while the leaves are often used for smudging. Juniper is best used for blessing a new venture or dwelling, and inviting in abundance.

Burning instructions:
You can crumble it up and burn it on charcoal discs.

Or light the end and blow out. Walk around and allow the wand to smolder.

Hand wrapped in 100% cotton thread. Smudging is the process of using the smoldering smoke from the stick to rid you and your home of negative energy/vibes. A technique used for thousands of years as an Alter Offering. Instructions are included.


  • Burn for good vibes, juniper has masculine and protective energy, and is used in spells of cleansing and prosperity.
  • Price is just for one
  • Hand gathered & bundled


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