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Purposeful Medicine Bag

Organize your purposeful objects and wear or carry them or place them somewhere on purpose. Add herbs or flowers. Sit quietly, state your intention while holding your bag and empower it. Remove objects to cleanse regularly.

Purposeful medicine bags are made from butter soft buckskin. Measures approximately 2" x  3". The drawstring averages 30" and is long enough to wear it as a necklace.

Organize your purposeful objects like small feathers, healing gemstones and crystals, seeds, photos, or anything significant to the medicine bag's owner.

Place the bag in your home, hang on the doorknob, or in the car for protection. Near your checkbook or wallet for prosperity, near your workspace for creativity.

Medicine bags are ancient personal empowerment tools. Spiritually representing the wearer, they contain that which is most spiritually significant and healing to the individual to help guide and protect one on their journey.


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