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Bring Positive Energy into your life with the sacred smoke of White Sage or Palo Santo and our curated crystal collection, to infuse good vibrations into everyday use.  This bundle of Palo Santo, White Sage, and Crystal is perfect for intentional space clearing and attract good vibes of New Opportunities and Abundance, Transformation, Renewal, and New Beginnings into your world. 


  • 1- 4" California White Sage
  • 1- 2-3" Palo Santo ethically sourced from Ecuador
  • 1 - Crystal of choice


    Includes a 4" wand of high quality White California Sage for smudging. Hand wrapped in 100% cotton thread. Smudging is the process of using the smoldering smoke from the stick to rid you and your home of negative energy/vibes. A technique used for thousands of years. Instructions are included. Has a earthy, herbaceous scent.
    Genuine Palo Santo Wood is used to cleanse negativity similar to sage. It is considered "Holy Wood" from Ecuador. 100% sustainable, wild crafted, and natural. Has a sweet smell, similar to cinnamon or spices.

CRYSTALS (our crystals have been cleansed with sage smoke & lunar charged for you).

  • RAW ROSE QUARTZ: A very loving stone. By using the stone in your meditations and smudging ceremonies, you will infuse yourself and your environment with a loving energy. Promotes and strengthens all types of love and fosters unconditional love. Promotes joy and emotional healing and fosters faith, strengthens hope and helps overall despair. Instills calm and peacefulness. Approximately 1 inch in size. 
  • CRYSTAL QUARTZ: A high vibration stone that amplify energy, space cleansing and is the Master Healing stone for any healing, increase energy, cleanse and charge crystals, provides protection. Approximately 2-3 inch in size. 
  • CITRINE: This stone of abundance fosters self esteem, promote prosperity, enhances creativity, transforms negative energy to positive, encourages generosity, protects against self destructive tendencies. Approximately .5 - 1 inch.


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