Jones County Road Shave Bar

Jones County Road's Shave Bar contains essential oils and clay which both have antibacterial properties leaving your skin free of infections, rashes and burns. All of this means you will have the closest, cleanest and softest shave you've ever had. Try it with our pre-shave oil for an even better experience.

Great for men and women. Whether you're shaving your face or legs, you'll have the best shave of your life.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Bentonite Clay and Tea Tree Oil.

About the MAKER:

Everything at Jones County Road is carefully crafted by hand in Los Angeles with top-quality materials. The soaps and oils are made with all-natural ingredients without synthetics, preservatives or dyes. Scents are composed of pure essential oils like clove and fir needle and reflect the natural environment.

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