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Good Vibes Only Bundle of Incense, Eucalyptus and Selenite

Remove energetic blocks by waving Selenite Wand around your whole body for 3 minutes while holding the intention that you are cleansing your aura. Light dried eucalyptus and incense and express gratitude. Feel Joy and Gratitude. Call in your needs, wants and desires. 


  • 1- Box of Incense
  • Dried Eucalyptus
  • 1 - Selenite Wand

 About Selenite: 

Selenite for cleansing and clearing of your energy and aura.

SELENITE, which has been referred to as liquid light is known for clearing the aura, space and all objects that come into its contact. Use Selenite to "comb" or "sweep" the Aura, clear your energetic field, align the Chakras and bring a sense of calm & harmony to the mind, body & spirit. Selenite can also be used to cleanse your space, crystals, jewelry and any other object that comes into its contact.

Sweep the Aura with Selenite wand and place the black tourmaline in your pocket, bra or close by you so that it may assist in protecting our energy, keeping you calm, grounded, alert and can help one refrain from being "drained" by the energy within the environment.

Reduce Anxiety / Aura sweep with selenite wand (moving from head to toe) while closing the eyes taking deep breathes.

Insomnia / Place Selenite wand under your bed & Black tourmaline at your feet. This will help to calm and ground your energy to promote a restful sleep.



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